Thursday, November 6, 2008

Overview of the Resistance

General Goal:  To identify, explain, and supply counter measures for specific weak points in the infrastructure of the coup

Infrastructure Weakness:  Susceptibility to a domestic resistance effort

Target:  Inability to sustain a coordinated, distributed, dynamic passive and active attack profile across all areas of weakness

Countermeasure:  Resistance



An invalid central authority is unable to retain control of a resistant population dedicated to its diminishment and replacement via asymmetric harassment.  The consistent, loosely-coupled efforts of a cell-based resistance movement will result in the toppling of the regime and re-establishment of valid authority.


Philosophy – Any worthwhile human endeavor beyond bare existence must have a solid philosophical foundation if they are to prosper and withstand the magnifying glass of history.  The philosophical justification for the Resistance is this:  There is no moral dictate to honor an immoral regime, whether it was put in place via coup, valid vote, or voodoo spell.  If vote fraud has been perpetrated enabling a bloodless coup and installation of an illegitimate government, the fact that it was bloodless does not make it legitimate.  Just because 51 million people voted for a regime of slavery does not oblige anyone to accept slavery under that regime.  Illegitimate instances of authority are mandatory targets for free men, and inevitable food for worms.


Psychology – Actions are preceded by thoughts, and thoughts are fueled by either rational or emotional perceptions.  The regime is emotionally weak, and extremely sensitive to any hint of perceived illegitimacy, disdain, or incompetence.  Their entire self-image is narcissistic, egotistical, and emotional.  It is therefore susceptible to psychological warfare and subterfuge.  To create doubt, uncertainty, insecurity, and fear of loss of control in the regime is to destabilize the entire fraudulent power structure, making it susceptible to any and all other attacks.


Classic Documents – There is a vast body of documentation on running a resistance/destabilization effort from the Marxist point of view.  We will use these techniques and more and better besides to rectify the travesty represented by the current regime which has been put in place by using these very techniques to temporarily subvert the Republic.


Finance  - All regimes reside on a dual foundation of taxation and force, the former facilitating the later.  The Resistance will attack and diminish (with the goal of reducing to zero) the financial support stolen on a regular basis by the illegitimate regime.


Communication and Information – Communication is the nervous system through which the impulses of information propagate.  The nerves are the mechanisms of communication.  In the 21st century, email, chat, web browsing, and the web in general comprise the system through which the information of  the Resistance will flow.  These channels will be encrypted, anonymous, ubiquitous, robust, and redundant.


Force, weapons, and counterforce – Peace grows out of the barrel of a gun.  If thugs and dictators spring up within a peaceful populace, then the failure in the arena of ideas leaves only the scythe of armed individuals to mow them down.  An armed populace is always the first obstacle to the tyrant, and the last blockade to subjugation.  An armed individual is anathema to an illegitimate regime.  We are a well-regulated militia.



The Resistance is not a political movement, nor is it a public effort.  It does not recognize race, religion, or political affiliation.  It is a philosophical conviction backed by silent, individual commitment to restoring liberty via covert and subtle action across as many fronts as the Occupation presents.  The Resistance is a moral imperative for free men who refuse to live on their knees, and who realize that hope to re-establish justice by marching or writing letters to the media arms of the Occupation is a pointless distraction.

The Resistance uses intellectual, spiritual, mechanical, and emotional truths as weapons to eliminate the vacuum of just authority and veracity manifested in the current regime.  The Resistance has no leader, because every participant is a leader, and grows stronger with each action of each new member.  The Resistance can’t lose, because human nature and Divine authority are always on the side of freedom and truth.  The Resistance is adaptable, dynamic, and like life itself, destined for success and expansion.  The Resistance will grow stronger until liberty and the rightful state of humanity is restored within America, and throughout the world. 



Inspirational Reagan, 1964:  (4 minutes)

Reagan, 1964 Republican Nat. Convention (27 minutes)



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