Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Links to the Resistance

Get involved. But keep it quiet. Read the rest of this site. Organize in the shadows.

Think "survival behind enemy lines" with no backup or support except you and your in-the-know neighbors. Think ghettos in Nazi-occupied territory and what is worth having in a similar situation: Food. Weapons. Ammo. Communications. Maps. General supplies. Power. Fuel. Friends. Hiding places. Escape routes.
Above all, a calm mind and a thankful spirit. We will prevail.

A defensive group:
Tyranny Response Team - http://www.tyrannyresponseteam.us/

Proxy anonymizer tools:
TOR (this does it all): http://www.torproject.org/download.html.en

Browser anonymizers:

Total Resistance (Swiss guerrilla warfare manual torrent):

Please email with any good recommendations for software, groups, ebooks, or other resources we can link to here.

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