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The Coup: a position paper

The Coup: a position paper

The Analytic Papers | November 6, 2008 | Robert L. Kocher 

Posted on Fri Nov 07 2008 09:06:45 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time) by Wallace T.

The Coup: a position paper 
Robert L. Kocher

Obama's election marks the successful culmination of a coup which has been decades in the making. Two things occurred. 1) The coup strategists developed and supported a person with the capability of selling its intentions and position. 2) Previous to the election the strategists spent decades subverting the population into a sickened and weakened state so that there would be no serious opposition when the time to strike came. The coup represents an overthrowing of the constitution, an attack or overthrowing of the educational system, a weakening/overthrowing of our economic system, an overthrowing of our moral system, a subversion of religion, an overthrowing and a wearing down of our evaluative/rational processes. With the prolonged attack upon the secondary non-political elements is that list, and the resultant despondency and confusion, the primary political elements were ready to fall. In other words decades were spent successfuly and comprehensively attacking the guts of the nation.

McCain and many others were among those who were so weak and useless as to present no opposition. In displacing defense of the American people they effectively worked to effect the coup. You don't need much of an army to defeat a people who don't defend themselves. You don't need much of army to defeat a nation who's leaders are disinclined or incapable of defending it.

Obama wasn't particularly overwhelming or even competent intellectually. He was successful because not one national figure of prominence would stand up to dispute him. Not one. And so it was that an unknown figure with no convincing record of achievement, a shady background, and hostile intent could lay siege and easily conquer a republic using a few doctored up poetic words.

Years ago I studied with a Marxist psychologist whose forte was mathematical models of behavior. His position was that the way to impose an authoritarian Marxist state was to apply psychologically operant techniques and attitude change mechanics until you had people voting the way you wanted because in their distorted and manipulated condition of mind that is what they thought they wanted, even to their detriment. It has been my experience that Marxists have dedicated great emphasis on psychological operant techniques, on crowd manipulation, on cognitive dissonance management, on propaganda strategy and haven't missed a beat in successfully and diligently applying it in over 50 years. This goes back historically into Adorno et al and the Frankfurt School during the 1930s who established what became law within the psychological profession and up though the expansion by the Saul Alinskys and others during the '60s. The cute part about it is that the people who are successfully processed then become agents to impose processing. The successful result of this has ultimately been hysterical militant crowds supporting Obama. Obama has the language structure of the processing and conditioning meticulously honed and is therefore well equipped to step into what's been done and what has been conditioned or deconditioned very smoothly. He plays upon every conditioned nerve and reaction like a concert pianist.

The conditioned reactions are strong when not confronted and counterinterpreted. But Obama was and is vulnerable and could have been crushed. But he wasn't about to be confronted by the fat lazy complacent Republican aristocracy typified by Bush and McCain who are positioned on the basis of family name and contacts and, the entirety of which could not muster up three functioning brain cells. Those who are not brainless are too worried about protecting their entitled sinecures to rock the boat and do their job or defend the nation. They are the most useless bunch of pretentious parasites on earth.

The final result of years of background strategic work and a confluence of factors is that we have elected a revengeful Marxist loon with an ideological mission in addition to his own personal mission. Each mission serves the purposes of the other. He is determined to impose an authoritarian political structure where people are subjugated in servitude and presumption of enforced social ownership of themselves like sacrificial pawns to be pushed about at will on a chess board. Effort will arbitrarily be taken from some pawns and given to others. From each according to his ability to each according to his irresponsibility and arrogance is the new prescription for slavery. The new slavemasters will be those people with a voracious propensity for irresponsibility and living for the immediate present under the audacity of hope with the brokers maintaining them in that position being supreme. And what an ego trip it must be for a self-impressed half-wit out of nowhere play a part in it and to be in charge of it all.

One of the most serious crises affecting America in recent years has been the audacity of trashiness extending extending from the lower levels up into the White House. Obama has found a way to tap into it and exploit it to effect a coup with probable destruction of this country.

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  1. I just posted too long a comment--just discovered this blog by your link w/comment on FR and wish to thank you --I have been feeling like the Lone Ranger almost, over there in a sea of argument about which R to get elected in 2012, so few people concerned with getting the truth out about this illegal, fraud-strewn ACORN coup! So many people in denial. Thank you again and I will be back!